E Learning

At Galstaun College, ICT has a critical role in enhancing the learning process at all levels and across a broad range of activities and subjects. Information technology provides students access to an abundance of rich and varied resources and enhances the learning journey of each student. Through the use of ICT, students are encouraged to develop critical thinking, independent learning and the ability to research and evaluate information through problem solving. Students are given the knowledge, skills and understanding to utilise and integrate technology to ensure that each student achieves their academic goals. Technology also allows teachers to cater for differentiated student needs by utilising innovative teaching and learning strategies that make sure that individual learning needs are met.

At Galstaun College we provide an ICT rich learning environment characterised by the following:

  • All Junior and Senior School classrooms are equipped with either interactive whiteboards or data projectors
  • Computer lab with additional computers located in the library
  • Class set of laptops which can be moved from classroom to classroom.
  • Junior School classes have access to a class set of IPADs
  • Connection to the Internet and Intranet from anywhere on the campus
  • Year 7-12 students can use a laptop to support their study through the BYOD policy
  • A comprehensive range of general and specialist software is available for students to use

Bring Your Own Device

Galstaun College is committed to providing supportive learning environments for all students and is keen to assist students with personal laptops/tablet devices. The College’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy has been established to allow students in Years 7 – 12 to bring a laptop or tablet device to school and connect to the College’s wireless network to access the internet, email and school files.

This approach is fundamentally voluntary and there is no expectation from the College that parents will be required to purchase ICT. It is an approach that would allow students the choice to conduct immediate online research that adds value to classroom discussion or small group work, as well as allowing students to take notes in a manner that will assist them most in their study.

Students and parents are required to read, agree and sign the Bring Your Own Device Policy. The policy clearly defines the rules and procedures for use, the recommended device specifications as well as defining consequences for students who fail to use the device in a responsible manner.



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