Homework Policy

Homework is seen as an integral part of Galstaun College’s philosophy on teaching and learning. It provides for extension and consolidation of what is developed in the classroom. Homework develops and extends the core learning skills of inquiry and independent study. Homework serves to strengthen the partnership between home and school. It provides parents and caregivers with insights as to what is being taught at the College.

Homework is defined as the preparation students do outside class time to help them learn, including projects, assignments, assessment tasks and private study. It is always integrated with the learning outcomes of modules of class work. When students complete homework, they complete specific learning tasks in the short term and add to their long-term knowledge and skills levels.

While set homework may not be given on a nightly basis by each subject teacher, students are expected to continue with their review of notes taken in class, revision of past units and work on assignments each night as part of their homework routine. Parents are expected to support their children in developing a regular homework and study routine according to their timetables. It needs to be balanced with family, social and extracurricular activities.

Students will record their homework in their College Diary. Parents are expected to sign the College Diary on a weekly basis. Students who frequently fail to comply with the College Homework Policy will be required to complete their homework through an after school detention.

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