House Competition

The House System promotes a greater sense of belonging in students and provides an avenue for students to participate in the life of the College. It is the main mechanism for a variety of activities, such as the swimming carnival, athletics carnival, cross country carnival, debating, dance and music. Students are placed into Houses and attend Tutor Time once a week for 55 minutes. Tutors/Roll Call teachers oversee the students in their group in a variety of ways. Tutors/Roll Call teachers monitor such things as attendance, lateness, completion of homework, uniform, well-being etc. Leadership opportunities exist within Houses (e.g. Captain, Vice-Captain). The College Staff oversee both the students in their House/Roll Call group or class and assist in organising a wealth of House activities for the students.

GOMIDAS - The representative colour for Gomidas is Yellow.

Gomidas Vartabed, Father Gomidas, (1869 – 1935) is a legend and a national saint in Armenian history, saviour of Armenian folk music and founder of the Armenian classic music. His mission was to arouse and to develop national awareness through Armenian music, and to spread knowledge of the beauty of Armenian music among other nationalities.

KARZOU - The representative colour for Karzou is Green.

One of the greatest Armenian painters of the 20th century and a member of the French Academy of Arts and died at age 93. Karzou was born on January 1, 1907 in Aleppo, Syria. He received his primary education at the Kaloustian School in Cairo, and, after receiving a scholarship at the age of 17, moved to Paris, where he studies Architecture. His artistic career began as a cartoonist and he worked for the French press as a unique cartoonist. In 1939, Karzou exhibited his first works and since then he has been a fixture in the international art world.

MESROB - The representative colour for Mesrob is Blue.

Born c.362 and died February 17, 440 in Vagharshapat, Armenia. Mesrob was an Armenian theologian, linguist and hymnologist who is best known for having invented the Armenian alphabet c.405 AD, which was a fundamental step in strengthening the Armenian statehood and bond between the Armenian Kingdom and the Armenians living in the Byzantine Empire and the Persian Empire. He was also, according to a number of scholars and contemporaneous Armenian sources, the creator of the Caucasian Albanian and Georgian alphabets. The Armenian Church remembers Saint Mesrob twice each year, first in July and then again on the Feast of the Holy Translator in October.

VARTAN - The representative colour for Vartan is Red.

Vartan Mamikonian (393 AD – 451 AD) was an Armenian military leader, a martyr and a saint of the Armenian Church. He is best known for leading the Armenian Army at the Battle of Avarayr in 451, which ultimately secured the Armenians right to practise Christianity. A member of the Mamikonian family of Armenia’s highest calibre aristocrats, is revered as one of the greatest military and spiritual leaders of Armenia, and is considered a national hero by Armenians. Major Armenian Churches are named after Saint Vartan.


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