Leadership and Mentoring

The College offers a variety of mentoring opportunities for students including Pastoral Care classes and mentoring programs for senior students. 

The College's Pastoral Care Program provides both Primary and High School students with the necessary guidance, knowledge and skills to be successful and responsible students.
Topics that will be discussed during Pastoral Care include:
- Learning Skills
- Relationships
- Healthy Living
- Self Esteem

By introducing the program to younger students, the College hopes to be proactive in instilling positive attitudes and habits. The College diary will complement the Pastoral Care program as information has been added to the College diary to support student understanding and development. 

The Year 12 students benefit from the College Mentoring Program where students are assigned with graduates in the students selected area of interest and career. Not only does the program provide information for students in their chosen field, the mentors are also able to support students as they work through their Trial exams and HSC. Year 12 students are also allocated teachers as mentors who are able to discuss and guide students though their HSC journey and making sure that students have the necessary skills and strategies to maximise their results.

Student Leaders

Galstaun College recognises that leaders are both born and made. We encourage our students to put themselves forward for leadership roles and we ensure that those students who are keen to have this experience are able to do so. Leadership training programs and meetings are a regular occurrence.

The Primary leadership roles include School Captains ( 2), Vice Captains ( 2), House Captains (8) and Senior Library Monitor (1). In High School the roles include College Captain, College Vice Captain, Performing Arts Captain, Sports Captain, House Captains (4), and Prefects.

There is an elected Student Representative Council which includes students from Year 6 - Year 12. This group raises money for school projects, supports worthy charitable causes, including an orphanage in Armenia, and is the channel through which students initiate change at the College.


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