Parent Testimonials

My children started at Galstaun College 12 years ago right after pre- school. The school has provided a great environment for my children. It has created a wonderful atmosphere for the children, parents and teachers to build a close friendship. The children have developed into positive, mature teenagers. Also the school is always available to support the family whenever it is necessary.

-Mr Manuel Mirzoian

I am one of the older parents of Galstaun College with children who graduated 8 and 4 years ago and one still in school. As a parent of the older and the new generation I feel qualified to say Galstaun College has come a long way. It still has the advantage of being a community school where children can feel comfortable and proud to be an Armenian without the quality of their education being compromised. I have found the quality of the educators and the leadership to be outstanding which is important for me as a parent.

In Galstaun College children receive a high standard of education, discipline with wisdom, are taught Christian values and provided an environment where their individuality and culture is nurtured. From personal experience I know what it's like to be discriminated against because of my different culture, and as a teenager feeling the need to conform in order to fit in thus losing my sense of individuality and ability to appreciate the uniqueness of every culture.

I highly recommend Galstaun College not only because it's an Armenian school, more so because of its excellent education and nurturing environment - not to mention the absolutely beautiful grounds and clean air.

-Mrs Arsho Kalloghlian

Galstaun College is a safe, controlled and a wonderful community school, filled with awesome children. The friendships we have formed within the school is a testament to the lovely spirit of the college and the commitment of its staff. During the years we have seen changes in the school, which are all positive and encouraging.

We have a special school where children look out for each other and enjoy a family environment with beautiful surroundings.

-Mrs Maria Zaitounian

We chose Galstaun College for its Reception Program. In addition to a head start in academic studies, all students from the age of 4 years participate in the school’s public speaking and musical instrumental program, as well as  being involved in stage performances.

The College projects a culture of continual improvement at all levels to provide new and on-going opportunities for its students.

-Mrs Karyne Vanza

As first generation Armenians educated in Australia my husband and I felt it was important for our children to have the opportunity to attend this unique school which offers exposure to our rich culture on a daily basis in a nurturing environment. More importantly, we also wanted our children to have a very high standard of education in line with the curriculum.

We teach our children to respect and value education and Galstaun College successfully provides quality education, working closely with us to instill the love of learning into our children developing strong, confident learners.  Both our children feel a very strong sense of belonging at Galstaun College and we are certain this makes them the happy and hard working students they have become."

-Mr and Mrs Abraham and Susan Manjikian

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