Performing Arts

Galstaun College offers Performing Arts to Year 9 and 10 students. This subject provides both Drama and Music experiences in a wide range of genres. The end product of all Performing Arts units is a full performance in front of the high school student assemblies. The college also offers Drama at the HSC level and provides students ongoing opportunities to participate in musicals and concerts.

The College has a wonderful history of producing whole school musicals and dramatic productions.

In 2012, the secondary Performing Arts/drama students and primary students participated in ‘The Witch and the Pig’, a magical tale about a stolen magic pig involving witches, peasants, soldiers and castles.

In 2013, the school produced ‘The Wild, Wild West’. This musical involved a gang of bad guys, a trio of suspicious girls, a sheriff and his deputy, a saloon bar owner and his bar girls, farmers, miners and people from the wild west. Students from K-11 participated in this production.

In 2014, the school produced a musical based on an Armenian epic historical story involving the hero Hayk and the Babylonian King Belus. Students from K-11 participated in this production.

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