Primary School

Children enter Reception at the age of 4, continuing to Transition at 5 years to complete the NSW Board of Studies Early Stage 1 Syllabus. This innovative Flying Start Program delivers students with higher levels of literacy, numeracy and academic preparedness so they can attain higher standards throughout their entire school experience.

Infants and Primary teachers work in parallel stage classes, which encourage flexible progression and facilitates differentiation that extends the more capable students and supports those in need of extra tuition. For Year 6, subject areas are taught by relevant High School teachers which helps students with their transition to High School. Extension mathematics is offered for Year 5 and 6 students to ensure that students are challenged and engaged. 

The curriculum is determined by the NSW Board of Studies and enhanced by the addition of daily language classes in Eastern or Western Armenian and weekly classes in Armenian music or cultural studies.

Literacy and Numeracy Programs used in Primary include:

Primary Comprehension Program (CARS & STARS)

CARS & STARS is a comprehensive reading program consisting of ten levels that allows teachers to identify and teach twelve reading and comprehension strategies and improve literacy results. The program is divided into two parts: CARS (the assessment portion) and STARS (the instruction portion).

CARS (Comprehensive Assessment of Reading Strategies) allows for thorough assessment of students’ knowledge of reading and comprehension skills and ensures that all students are then placed correctly for the second part of the program, STARS.

STARS (Strategies to Achieve Reading Success) is a prescriptive reading series that provides essential instruction in up to twelve reading strategies. STARS provides instruction in and practice of the strategies students need to master in order to develop effective reading skills.

All students, Reception through to Year 6 participate in this program every week.


MultiLit Program

Galstaun College is running the MultiLit program for students who require extra support with reading skills. Research shows that the most effective programs of reading instructions involve intensive, systematic instruction across three main areas:

  • phonics;
  • sight word recognition; and
  • supported book reading in a one to one context.

The MultiLit Reading Tutor Program incorporates all three of these features through the Word Attack, Sight Word and Reinforced Reading Programs.

Selected students will have individualised lessons three times a week. During these individualised lessons, students will work on the Word Attack and Sight Word programs as well as some Reinforced Reading.

Students involved in this program are also required to complete a Reinforced Reading Log at home on a daily basis. This is a valuable part of the program and is key component in the student’s success in improving their reading and early literacy skills.


Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC)

All students from Reception through to Year 9 are encouraged to participate in the PRC each year. The Challenge aims to encourage a love of reading, and to enable them to experience quality literature. The PRC is not a competition but a challenge which helps encourage students to read and read more widely.

Students in Infants complete their readings in class with their teachers. Students from Year 3 onwards are encouraged to participate and complete the challenge independently. All students who complete the Challenge receive a certificate at the end of the Challenge.

Further details about participation, the Challenge’s rules and booklists can be found at:


Reading Eggs and Mathletics

All Primary students have an annual subscription to Reading Eggs and Mathletics. Throughout the year, students are set homework tasks through Mathletics and will have the opportunity to complete tasks at school. Reading Eggs and Mathletics are also available on iPads with Reading Eggs also available on Andriod.

Mathletics motivates and engages students in a stimulating and interactive environment. It provides students with the opportunity to work through the curriculum at their own pace, revise difficult strategies and be extended where necessary. Students are assisted by an online support centre and many students enjoy the competition that is ‘Live Mathletics’.

Reading Eggs is an online world where children learn to read. Each student’s learning is individually tailored to their ability and it allows students to progress at their own rate. This program focuses on a core reading curriculum of phonics and sight words using skills and strategies essential for sustained reading success. Older and more capable students enjoy access to Reading Eggspress where they have access to an online library of over 2000 books as well as a ‘Comprehension Gym’.


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