"For me, the best part of studying at Galstaun College was the Mathematics class, 2 unit & 3 unit, as the classes were smaller. Our teacher at the time was able to teach us on a more 1 on 1 basis. The support system whilst studying for the HSC was great as the teachers provided extra resources and notes and were always there to contact when in need. The teachers become your guardians rather than just your teachers as you grow in Galstaun College." 

"I learnt the meaning of being an Armenian and the responsibilities that come with it. It motivated me to join the Armenian Apostolic Church Council, as well as the Galstaun College Alumni Committee in 2007."
-Mario Shahmirzayan Bachelor of Civil Engineering; Diploma in Engineering
"The devoted teachers and Principal at Galstaun College taught me the importance of hard work, dedication and perseverance not only for the HSC, but also for life after school. It was through them I realised I could achieve whatever goal I set my mind to, thus motivating me to seek a career in Accounting and Finance." 

"Everyday life at Galstaun College emphasised the importance of knowing our people's history and culture, as well as maintaining our Armenian identity in a multicultural society. I believe the school is an important instrument in keeping the Sydney-Armenian community strong in the Diaspora."
-Vartkes Moskofian Bachelor of Business and Commerce
"The support received from teachers, their influence, and their genuine advice was the best guidance a student could possibly have to assist us in identifying our dreams and knowing how best to achieve them. I was very lucky to have attended Galstaun College." 

"At Galstaun College, I developed a sixth sense of community and a deeper than ever connection to our rich Armenian culture."
-Taleen Khatchadourian Bachelor of Business (Event Management)
"The teachers at Galstaun College were always so supportive, kind and caring, and so this made me eager to work harder. I always wanted to please my teachers as they clearly cared so much for us. The College also drove my motivation to become a teacher. After reflecting on my time during school, I realised how much our teachers genuinely cared for us. I want to be able to show the same care and help children just as they helped and cared for me."

"I have still held on to the friendships I had since starting Kindergarten at Galstaun College. Many people at my university and work are amazed I have such long-standing friendships. I have the College to thank for feeling so blessed. I think it would be such a shame for any Armenian student to choose a school other than Galstaun College, as they don't know what they are missing out on."
-Annie Hookasian Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
"Due to the quality of education during my time at Galstaun College, and the added support of the teaching body, I was guided through my studies with the best possible support a school could provide. I could honestly say that the teaching body was highly influential when it came supporting each student in achieving his/her very best." 

"My self-awareness as an Armenian was increased by attending the school, as I was very interested in our nation of origin's history, its present and the future. Since graduating, I had a desire to continue my involvement in the Armenian community. I have been active within the Scouting movement for 17 years, five of those as a Homenetmen leader."
-Martik Berberian Bachelor of Engineering (Petroleum Engineering)

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