College Transport

Students travel to Galstaun College via special school buses funded by the government and provided by Forest Coachlines and TransdevTSL. Students apply for a bus pass, which is issued annually.

When new students first start to travel by bus, they are assigned a "Bus Buddy", an older student who gets on and off the bus at the same stop as the new student. For the very little children, the Year 6 Bus Buddy stays ready to assist for several months, and always makes sure the child is on the bus before it leaves at the end of the day. Bus Buddies ensure that a child does not miss his or her designated bus stop.

Students travelling by bus are permitted to use electronic games on the bus, but they must remain seated and must conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times. Students are not permitted to eat on the bus, but are encouraged to have a snack before boarding.

Each bus has two assigned Bus Prefects, who work with the Student Representative Council on issues of student welfare relating to buses.

Every afternoon, teachers are assigned to Bus Duty and they ensure that students board safely and that the bus has its full complement of students before it leaves the College.

Any concerns regarding travel should be directed to the Principal, Mr Edward Demirdjian. Questions regarding the issue of Bus Passes will be handled by the College Office 9998 3200.

Western Suburbs Bus Timetable
Shorelink Transdev Bus Timetable
Forest Coach Lines Bus Timetable

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