College Benefactors

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Our founding benefactors shared the vision of building a bilingual English and Armenian Christian College that would derive successful, responsible and contributing citizens and community leaders.

The hard work and generosity of our founding benefactors, and those who have become benefactors since, have made this vision a reality and are continuing their selfless acts to take the College to even greater heights.

We acknowledge the following families and individuals:

Mr and Mrs Arshak and Sophie Galstaun
Founding Benefactors

Mr and Mrs Nerses and Lesley Nalbandian
Nalbandian Hall

Mr and Mrs Kevork and Sylvia Tchaprazian
Tchaprazian Library

Mr and Mrs Sarkis and Alice Der Bedrossian
Science Laboratory

Mr and Mrs Mnatzagan and Hasmik Hacobian
Year 1 Classroom

Mr and Mrs Krikor and Azniv Tachjian
Year 2 Classroom

Mr and Mrs Kevork and Vicki Tachjian
Year 2 Classroom

Mr and Mrs Kirkor and Ojeni Ervan
Year 3 Classroom

Mr and Mrs Hovhaness and Azadouhi Soghomonian
Year 5 Classroom

Mr Arthur James Panikian OAM
Year 7 Classroom

Mr and Mrs Vasgen OAM and Maggy Pailagian
Year 8 Classroom

Mr Kerop Nol
Kindergarten Transition

Armenian Relief Society Regional Committee
Computer Room

Armenian Relief Society Sosseh Chapter
Visual Arts Room

Mr Kegham Sarkissian
Design and Technology

Mr and Mrs Garbis and Haigouhi Sariyan
Year 6 Classroom

Mr and Mrs Ohaness and Chake Manoukian
Year 4 Classroom

Mr and Mrs Michael and Nyree Abolakian
Kindergarten Reception

Mr Shant Kradjian
Kradjian Digital Academy

Mr and Mrs Souren and Dikranouhi Bogossian

Mr and Mrs Smokey and Dot Dawson
Honorary Benefactors, Smokey Dawson Pavilion

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