Code of Conduct

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As a College guided by our mission and values, it is important that our entire community understands the expectations of each other’s actions and behaviours.

As part of expressing this to our community, and to maintain our high standards, Galstaun College has a Code of Conduct which all families and students are given at the commencement of their enrolment and are expected to abide by during their tenure at the College.

This code of conduct outlines:

  • Behaviour Management
  • Bullying
  • Rewards and Awards
  • Uniform and grooming standards

Behaviour Management

The College believes that the use of positive discipline is the most appropriate and effective method in developing respect and responsibility within our students.
However, the College also understands that a balanced approach is required which not only recognises and encourages student achievement, but also has set procedures for dealing with unacceptable behaviour.

This balanced approach allows the College to create an environment which not only allows the students of this College to excel socially and academically, but also create conditions which allow teachers to concentrate on and enjoy their teaching.

The Galstaun College Discipline Policy has been developed to clearly outline to students, teachers and parents that the College has clear and specific rules and expectations of its students and staff in providing a caring, learning environment.

These rules and guidelines have been established to allow the various stakeholders of this College to be aware and understand the variant processes, responsibilities and actions regarding discipline and student welfare within Galstaun College. Through this understanding, it is expected that the College will be able to more effectively deal with welfare and discipline issues within the college.

Galstaun College Code of Conduct
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